Stenungsunds kommunvapen
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In only 50 years Stenungsund has changed from a quiet summer resort into a regional business centre and the population today is four times what it used to be. It's also the centre of Swedish petro-chemical industry - high tech industry and good living.

In terms of the average age of its inhabitants, Stenungsund is one of Sweden's youngest municipalities; it is also a tightly knit community - most people live not more than a few minutes walking or cycling distance from the centre.

Stenungstorg Centrum and Strandvägen, lying on the edge of the sea, the regional shopping centre with some 65 shops providing just about everything you may need.

Stenungsund has a fantastic environment for outdoor life, you will find the archipelago and salt water in the west and woods and fresh water lakes in the east.

Culture and club activities play an active and prominent role, with culture house Fregatten as the meeting point for the inhabitants of the community.

Phone: +46 (0)303-73 00 00



The Council of Stenungsund
Strandvägen 15
444 82 Stenungsund

Phone: +46 (0)303-73 00 00

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