Stenungsunds kommunvapen, länk till startsidan


Stenungsund is a regional business centre with increasing population. It's also the centre of Swedish chemical industry, high tech industry and good living.

Stenungstorg Centrum and Strandvägen, is situated on the edge of the sea, the regional shopping centre with some 80 shops providing just about everything you may need.

Stenungsund has a fantastic environment for outdoor life, you will find the archipelago and salt water in the west and woods and fresh water lakes in the east.

Culture, association and leisure activities play an active and prominent role, with the house of culture Fregatten and the sport centre Stenungsund Arena as the meeting points for the inhabitants of the community.

Phone: +46 (0)303-73 00 00



Guest harbor

Strandvägen 15
Phone: +46(0)303-73 28 10 (during season)

Opening hours: every day 09.00 - 19:00 (June until August)

Hamnkontoret (administration)

Stenungsund Arena
Nösnäsvägen 2
444 47 Stenungsund
Mon- Fri, 07.30-13.00 (during summer, the administration office is open Mon - Fri 07.00-08.00)
Telefon: +46 (0)303-73 00 72

The Council of Stenungsund
Strandvägen 15
444 82 Stenungsund

Phone: +46 (0)303-73 00 00