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If there is an alarm

Important Notices to the Public

An Important Notices to the Public-alarm may be alerted at, for instance, a major gas discharge or an immediate risk of an explosion. If you hear the signal an overall rule is to get indoors as soon as possible, shut doors, windows and other air connections and listen to the radio. Read the following instructions carefully in order to remember them if needed!

The signal is composed by signals, 7 seconds long and separated by 14 seconds and sounds for about 2 minutes from the sirens in town. The signal is tested at 15.00 o´clock every first, non-holiday Monday of the months March, June, September and December. The signal means “Important Notices to the Public" - listen to the radio (P4 and P3 preferably)! (Swedish message).

For protection - this is what to do

Hurry into the closest building if you hear the alarm or if you scent a strong/sharp smell of gas. Close all windows, doors and other air connections. Close also the doors between the rooms. Stay on the top floor.

If you have access to a radio, listen to that and await information (in Swedish). Advice and information will be provided. Try to avoid using the phone, as the phone system most probably will be overloaded in case of an accident.

Since the gas is transported with the wind you should walk with the wind coming from the side if you need to get out of a gas cloud. If there is a pennant or a flag nearby you can easily see from where the wind is blowing. Smoke from smoke stacks also follows the wind.

Stay indoors until you hear the signal that means “DANGER OVER". It is a long, unbroken signal that sounds for more than 30 seconds. This signal sounds from the same sirens as the alarm.

Consult a doctor if you are bothered by lasting cough or smarting pain in nose and throat.


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