Stenungsunds kommunvapen, länk till startsidan

Leisure and culture

Its coastal location and the forest wilderness a few kilometres inland provide fantastic leisure time opportunities.

Svartedalen with its deep forests, and wandering trails, including Bohusleden, a trail stretching from Lindome in the south to Strömstad way up north, invites you to country walks, mushroom picking and fishing.

Boating of all categories earmark Stenungsund during the summer. Sailing is the talk in the harbors, the subject often being Tjörn Runt, a sailing competition held in August in which a thousand boats take part.

Good health and fitness are prerequisites for well-being. In Sundahallen, the municipality sport and fitness centre, there is a swimming pool and facilities for all kinds of active sports.  Nösnäsvallen, next to Sundahallen, is the local stadium for footboll and athletics..

Kulturhuset Fregatten, open every day, is Stenungsund´s cultural centre. Everybody is welcome to partake and enjoy all that there is to offer, including the library, cinema, an art gallery, tourist office, conference facilities and Molekylverksta'n, the petrochemical industry´s combined exhibition, focusing on self-experimentation and offering an insight into the fascinating world of chemistry.

Galleri Koch arranges exiting fascinating art exhibitions and the light and airy library, with its view over the sound and Stenungsön´s beautiful hundred-year-old villas, attracts a lot of visitors, some to look, some to read.

Stenungsund is an intriguing place, where a modern industry and service community has fluorished on historic ground.

There are many monuments from ancient times; archaeological digs have shown that hunters and trappers settled here as early as 8.000 yers ago, to take advantage of the hunting and the special coastal landscape, features which attract many to the area still today.


The Council of Stenungsund
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