SFI – Swedish for Immigrants

To have a good knowledge of the Swedish language is extremely important for anybody living in Sweden in order to get a job and become a part of the Swedish society.  The municipality where you live is responsible for the Swedish education.  In short the goal is to make the students understand and make themselves understood in their daily life in Sweden. The students should also have a basic knowledge of the Swedish society, its job market and Swedish culture.

How to apply for SFI

You apply for SFI by filling in an application on the Internet which you find here. Öppnas i nytt fönster. 

You will be contacted by Vuxenutbildningen Stenungsund with information on when to start and/or for a meeting regarding your studies.

Information and rules

  • You can apply for Sfi from the second half of the year you turn 16.
  • The first time you apply for Sfi you will be accepted within three months provided you fulfil the requirements for admission.

   If you are a non-European Union Citizen:

  • You need a Swedish social security number (10 digits).
  • You have to be registered in Stenungsund. If you are registered in another municipality you need an approval before starting your Sfi studies in Stenungsund.

   If you are an EU-/EES-citizen or a citizen of Switzerland:

  • You must live in Stenungsund. If your address is in another municipality you must get permission  from them to study SFI in Stenungsund.


Vuxenutbildningen i Stenungsund
Hasselbackevägen 76
444 44 Stenungsund
Tel: 0303-73 86 50
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