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Comments and Complaints

The Education sector sees comments and complaints as means to improve and develop the business. Our goal is to take care of comments and complaints as quickly as possible and to correct errors that may have occurred.

Procedure for complaints about the activities of the Education sector

According to the Education Act, Chapter 4, § 8, municipalities have written procedures for receiving and investigating complaints against education. In Stenungsund it is done by carers, pupils and other stakeholders are given the opportunity to orally or via municipal standpoint handling complains on the activities of the municipal preschools, family daycares and schools.

In order to develop and improve operations, it is important that complaints are communicated to whom it may concern. Preferably this is done by a conversation between the persons concerned in close connection to the incident which led to the complaint.

Complaints from children and students, guardians or other stakeholder are submitted to the teacher or other appropriate personnel. If you have complaints about an entire preschool or school, you should contact the responsible preschool director / principal. Complaints regarding nursery manager / principal / other managerial duties given to the head of the business area.

Complaints regarding nursery manager/principal or other manager are submitted to the manager of that department. Complaints regarding the manager of a department are submitted to the children and educations manager and regarding the children and educations manager to the city manager.

It is of course also possible to submit a written complaint. This is done through the municipal point of management. Your complaint is passed on to the person who can receive and investigate the complaint. This person may, for example, be the preschool director, principal, department-, child- or educational manager.

What is complaints/what is not complaints?

The person taking care of different complaints from carers, pupils or other stakeholders initially have to decide whether the complaint may belong to a different category. The following are examples of matters that are not complaints:

  • ongoing student case
  • Harassment/degrading treatment, are to be handled according to routines in the school plan against degrading treatment and discrimination.
  • Special needs, there are routines for identifying the needs and action programmes.

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